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Solid Soap for Hand Laundry “Nuovo Marseille”

Solid Soap for Hand Laundry “Nuovo Marseille”

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Artisanal, Natural, with Citronella EO.


This solid soap is defined as "New Marseille", because it is produced following a new formulation technique (addition of a small quantity of Coconut Oil), whereby in the saponification of Extra Virgin Olive Oil with Sodium Hydrate, a mixture is formed eutectic, which makes the soap more soluble, therefore with more foam. It is an excellence in the field of laundry detergents. Suitable for hand washing and pre-treating stains for machine washing. Irreplaceable for children's laundry, personal underwear, delicate clothing and wool. The New Marseille does not leave any chemical residues on the laundry, rinsing the clothes is facilitated by the calcium in the water which binds with the saponified oil and removes it quickly, a lot of water is also saved. In this world where the use of petroleum-derived detergents has led to the spread of allergies, dermatitis and hypersensitivity, the return to natural soap is almost an obligation for those who care about their own health and that of their loved ones.


Instructions for Use

If used with a dish sponge it is wonderful for cleaning food-grade surfaces (plastic, stainless steel, wood, marble...), as it rinses quickly without leaving toxic residues.

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