Where we are

On September 3, 2019 we moved our Laboratory from L'Aquila to Navelli, the town in which we live. The idea had been in the pipeline for some time, since our products have now gained the loyalty of numerous customers both in L'Aquila and throughout the country; the time had come to help bring our wonderful little village to life. Our products, which are the expression of the best that nature can offer in the cosmetic field, are well suited to the botanical richness that surrounds Navelli.

We transformed a MAP, a post-2009 earthquake emergency structure created to host 118, into a delightful laboratory for the production and sale of natural soaps. We didn't have to make any changes to the structure, as the soaps we produce only need a kitchen and good pots like our grandmothers made them. We are also fortunate that the Borgo di Navelli area is home to olive trees, the source of the main raw material for our soaps.
We are also positioned on the road that connects L'Aquila with Pescara, this allows us to have services for connecting the incoming shipment of raw materials and the departure of our products to every part of Italy.