• The properties of our soaps derive from the production technique, the naturalness of the products and their formulation.
    The production technique ensures that the glycerin released by saponification remains inside the soaps and allows us to choose the oils and substances that we want to leave unsaponified and intact from the attack of the soda so as to find them on the skin.
    The naturalness of the products means that our skin is not attacked by substances that create problems for the skin itself and the resident microbial flora, but rather nourish it.
    The formulation of our products is entirely aimed at the use of phytocosmetic active ingredients in association with each other and with essential oils. This makes all our soaps emollient, hydrating, soothing, antioxidant and nourishing. To give specificity to each of them we have chosen oleic extracts of the best that nature makes available:
    Marigold – Chamomile – Red vine – St. John's Wort – Helichrysum – Propolis – Centella – Horse chestnut – Butcher's broom – Echinacea – Saffron – Turmeric – Coffee – Liquorice – Argan Oil – Rosehip Oil
    The natural heritage is vast and every day we discover the existence of plants with highly effective cosmetic properties. Our task is to combine them and create a synergism that enhances the effect, with due care and not destroying the active ingredients in the saponification phase.