• Why Terra Italica? The choice was instinctive: we immediately fell in love with Abruzzo, its nature, its villages. Only later did we learn about its history, suffering the fascination of the Italic populations who inhabited it in ancient times and who united in an attempt to counter the expansion of Rome, minting the first coin with the writing Italia, our symbol.
    Terra Italica is defense of the territory, valorization of its resources: it is respect for tradition, handmade craftsmanship combined with scientific knowledge.

  • Lamberto: I have spent my working life in a chemical-microbiological research laboratory. My experience and curiosity in seeking new solutions pushed me to create a new and truly natural product, starting from a simple "do it yourself" technique but which contained within itself all the potential to be developed and perfected.

  • Marilena: my dream as a biologist was to spend my life in a research laboratory. Reality made me a teacher in vocational schools. My scholastic commitment to extracurricular activities has revealed me to be an excellent organizer, an indispensable skill for dealing with the problems of the European directive on cosmetics. The love for nature led me to open new horizons of research relating to the use of the active ingredients of plants on the epidermis.

  • After years spent producing and teaching soap making, we realized that there are no truly natural soaps on the market. We therefore decided to set up a laboratory for the production of soaps that respected the "nature of man", that of living in symbiosis with the human microbiota. Ours is an expanded vision of cosmetics, which looks at the well-being of the epidermis and of the person as a whole.
    The desire is to convey lifelong experiences and apply chemical-microbiological knowledge to cosmetic plants. The result is original products that express the best that nature can offer in the field of personal cleansing and skin treatments.