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Marseille Fluid Soap 100% Olive Oil

Marseille Fluid Soap 100% Olive Oil

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With Vetiver Essential Oil, without allergens. Suitable for all skin types.


Artisanal soap, completely natural and vegetal, obtained from the direct saponification of the ingredients indicated in the INCI. The subsequent dilution of the paste obtained produced this very delicate, completely natural gel, respectful and nourishing of the epidermis and the microbiota that populates it. Produced with the hot mix technique, which uses Extra Virgin Olive Oil as a base. This original production technique allows us to leave free unsaponified oils in the mixture and is our answer to the so-called acid pH soaps which use synthetic substances derived from petroleum, which are incompatible with the skin's microbiota and often cause allergies.


Protective for the skin, antiseborrheic, antibacterial. Soothing, nourishing, hydrating, calming, toning. Skin conditioning, stimulates skin circulation.
The cosmetic properties are provided by the glycerin which is spontaneously released by saponification, the polyphenols, the other antioxidants in which olive oil is rich, but above all by the precious oils and oleic extracts (oleolites), which form, after rinsing, a beneficial pH-neutral veil on the skin.


INCI: aqua, olea europea fruit oil, potassium hydroxide, phytic acid, rosmarinus officinalis extract, canola oil, vetiveria zizanoides root oil

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