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Ononis Persistent Air Fresheners

Ononis Persistent Air Fresheners

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Completely natural air freshener sticks. The product comes packaged in a lovely cotton bag.


It's always a pleasure to relax in a lightly scented environment, to experience the therapeutic aroma effects of fragrances. Our stick air fresheners are produced with pure sweet almond oil, cosmetic quality and pure and natural essential oils; not having an alcoholic base, the evaporation of the essential oil components is minimal and their fragrance is delicate. This also allows for a long-lasting efficiency of the perfumer and avoids the risk of harmful volatile substances being released into the environment. Weekly we invite you to turn the bamboo sticks upside down; with your fingers wet with oil you can also perfume your skin as our product is natural.


Sweet Almond Oil, Bourbon Geranium EO, Lavandin EO, Bitter Orange EO, Patchouly EO, Citronella EO, Sweet Orange EO, Scots Pine EO

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