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Sanitizing mixture

Sanitizing mixture

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Composed of 5 Pure and Natural Essential Oils


This blend, produced by Muller&Koster, is made up of 5 pure and natural essential oils with recognized antimicrobial properties. It is called "Sanitizing Blend" by the manufacturer, as if atomized or diffused in a room, it controls the diffusion of the Environmental Microbiota, enormously reducing the microbial load, "sanitizing" the guests. Given the moment we are experiencing, we thought we would make a sanitizing and natural product for the environment available to the population, in order to avoid unpleasant future side effects.


The mixture can be used in diffusers (2 to 10 drops in water – temperature
of water maximum 60°) or as a spray for the environment, put 5-10 drops in 200-300 ml of demineralized water with 3-4 ml of natural fluid soap (to increase the solubility of the oil mixture); shake before each dispensing.
These sprays can also be used to sanitize hands and clean surfaces.


Composed of 5 Pure and Natural Essential Oils: Lavandula Hybrida oil, Melaleuca Leucadendron Cajeputi leaf oil, Abies Sibirica oil, Myrtus Communis leaf oil, Pelargonium Graveolans oil.

Produced by Muller&Koster and packaged by Terra Italica snc

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