Report from the Phytoalimurgia Course of 7-8 October

Reportage of the Phytoalimurgia Course
Dated 7-8 October 2017

The phytoalimurgia course on 7 and 8 October was a great success. Walk to recognize and collect wild edible herbs, clean them and learn how to cook them, create numerous dishes with Mirella's imagination and set up a rich and colorful buffet. Creating the recipe book with Daniela, botany, because small portions of dried wild herbs, combined with their description, is a way of not forgetting two fantastic days immersed in nature. And then what about the saffron syrup, with its thousand beneficial properties for health, which Lamberto taught all the students who took home their bottle of syrup to prepare! Don't forget a visit to the Botanical Garden. All in the splendid location of the Convent of San Colombo, a historic residence in Barisciano at the Floristic Research Center of the Apennines. There were 31 people enrolled in the course, at the dinner on Saturday with friends and relatives of the students and with other guests there were 60 and at the lunch on Sunday 40 people. Obviously great satisfaction and as usual everyone found themselves part of a big family. Thanks to Luisa and Maria Antonietta for making the Convent of San Colombo, Dimora Storica Hotel available, thanks to Daniela Tinti, Mirella Cucchiella, Rosa and...... also to us at Terra Italica, Lamberto and Marilena who organized and managed this course and more.

The photos document the event…

We go to collect
It is collected in S. Stefano di Sessanio
It is collected at the sources of the Tirino
The Tirino
Saffron syrup
The seeds of Nigella damascena
The burdock leaves are fried
Saffron ricotta with Nigella damascena seeds
Rughettone pumpkin and potatoes
Pimpinella crostini
Burdock leaf rolls
At dinner, the table is set
For lunch the next day
The participants
The Botanical Garden of Barisciano
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