The Biodiversity of the Skin


How to promote it and how to restore it

The soap of the future? Natural, like it used to be

Strano Film Festival – from 22 to 25 August – Capestrano

Not only projections but also experiences throughout the territory

Terra Italica with Strano Film Festival – come and discover the Tirino Valley!

10am Convent of San Giovanni – Capestrano

The soap of the future? Natural, like it used to be

Skin biodiversity – how to promote and restore it – course

You will learn to produce natural soaps like our grandmothers but with a more current technique. It will leave a veil of emollient oil on the skin that nourishes the microbial flora that inhabits it. Soap thus becomes a true panacea for our skin. You will be able to understand how the cosmetics currently on the market can be the cause of various skin diseases and water pollution. The ingredients used are completely biodegradable to respect the environment.

Participation fee: free – NUMBER OF PARTICIPANTS REQUIRED  Min: 10 Max:30 –

Contact person for the proposed initiative: Lamberto Formiconi cell.: +39 3289413353

reservations: –

Read the entire program of experiences and screenings online on the website:

Simonetta Caruso

Organization - contact person in the area

+39 3476761404

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