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Workshop for the Production of Natural Soaps

1-2 July 2017

The park in bloom

Shared program of botanical themed initiatives (and not only) in the Gran Sasso and Monti della Laga National Park. Società Terra Italica snc organizes for you:

At the Floristic Research Center of the Apennines (Monastero San Colombo – Barisciano, AQ)

Under the guidance of a CRFA botanist and a phytocosmetics expert, we learn to recognize and collect spontaneous plants with cosmetic properties from the Gran Sasso and Monti della Laga National Park, between S. Stefano di Sessanio and Campo Imperatore, in prepare oleolites and make natural soap with the Master Soapmaker Lamberto.


Saturday 1 July

  • 9.30 am: welcome at the San Colombo Monastery (Barisciano, AQ)
  • 10.30 am: departure for the excursion, between S. Stefano di Sessanio and Campo Imperatore, for the recognition and collection of plants
  • 1.00 pm: return to the San Colombo Monastery. Buffet lunch (lunch offered by the organization)
  • 2.30 pm: preparation of the oleolites
  • 4.00 pm: “Natural soap in the light of the latest scientific research” - The theory of saponification
  • 5.00 pm: formulation of a solid soap recipe for the person
  • 6.00 pm: preparation of the collected herbarium specimens
  • 7.00 pm: See you tomorrow

Sunday 2 July

  • 9.30 am: preparation and weight of the ingredients for a solid soap with the hot saponification technique
  • 10.30 am: cooking begins
  • 12.00 pm: pouring into the mold
  • 12.30 pm: “Labels and their secrets”
  • 1.00 pm: Lunch break. Buffet offered by the organization
  • 2.30 pm: preparation and weighing of the ingredients for a fluid personal soap
  • 3.00 pm: start of massing
  • 3.30 pm: cutting of a previously prepared solid soap and distribution to the participants
  • 4.30 pm: end of cooking of the fluid soap
  • 5.00 pm: “Ecological domestic laundry”
  • 6.00 pm: distribution of the fluid soap paste
  • 6.30 pm: goodbye and thank you

The participation fee for the two days is €30 and includes: insurance, buffet lunch on the first and second day, stationery, soaps and oils produced on the days.
Does not include: overnight stay. Travel for the excursions will take place with the participants' own vehicles.
For information: TERRA ITALICA: 3289413353 (Lamberto)
To register (by June 29th) it is necessary to make a bank transfer of €15.00 to the current account in the name of Terra Italica, IBAN IT44U0605503600000000001295 (reference: Corso Fitocosmesi). Then send an email with the subject: “Registration to the Phytocosmetics Course” to the HYPERLINK address “mailto:info@terraitalica.it” info@terraitalica.it specifying: name, surname, origin, code of the bank transfer made, telephone number and email address for any communications. The course will be carried out regardless of the number of participants. Maximum 20 members.
To organize your holiday in the Park:
www.gransassolagapark.it – Visiting the Park – Facilities – Where to sleep

Discover the complete program of the “Il Parco in Fiore” exhibition on Facebook and on www.gransassolagapark.it Info: Daniela Tinti 339 3773303 danielatinti@gransassolagapark.it

This initiative is part of the Action Plan of the European Charter for Sustainable Tourism of the Gran Sasso and Monti della Laga National Park
Resolution of the Board of Directors of the Gran Sasso and Monti della Laga National Park Authority n. 47 of 12/21/2016

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