Natural Soap Production Course


After the COVID 19 emergency, we all promised ourselves: IT WILL NEVER BE LIKE BEFORE! We at Terra Italica will try to get to the causes of what happened.

In this Natural Soap Production Course, we will tell you how the defenses of our immune system are formed and strengthened, how important it is to protect our natural defenses, such as when we nourish the skin's microbiota using natural soap.

You will also understand:

  • how little is known about the chemistry of natural soap
  • because natural soap is compatible with the skin's microbiota
  • like a simple soap it is part of the immune system of individuals
  • because it intervenes in many skin diseases
  • all about its biodegradability
  • its indispensable use: at home, at the seaside, on a boat, in the swimming pool, at the campsite
  • the enormous water savings resulting from its use

The participation fee for the two days is €60 and includes: insurance, stationery material, soaps produced on the two days. Does not include: overnight stay. For accommodation and meals we will contact you as soon as you register, offering you the various solutions and prices. For information: TERRA ITALICA: 3289413353 (Lamberto) – 3391513493 (Marilena). To register (by July 22nd) it is necessary to make a bank transfer of €30 to the current account in the name of Terra Italica, IBAN IT91T0501803200000016859795 (reference: Corso Saponi). Then send an email with the subject: “Corso Saponi” to specifying: name, surname, origin, bank transfer code made, telephone number and email address for any communications. The course will be carried out with a minimum of 3 participants and a maximum of 15 participants. If the deposit is not made, it will be refunded in full.

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